Well, we certainly didn’t anticipate this. Any of it, really. But it’s what makes sense for us given the current social climate. We just aren’t able to effectively operate {social distance} out of our sweet little space on Calhoun any longer. It’s been such great fun to be a part of this Lowcountry community for the last 2 years. We’re happy to have had the experience, and will cherish the memories of decking the halls for Christmas and chatting with the passersby. We’ll miss enjoying the She-Crab soup at the Farmer’s Market, stopping in to chat with our friends at Gigi’s, and swapping style tips and finds with Bluffton’s maven, Babbie Guscio.

We’re closing up shop {with a bangin’ sale} this weekend, and look forward to seeing you there! As for what’s next….it’s back to the basics. The original Birdie. That’s where we’ll be…….