A good playlist can really boost a mood these days. Since we’ve been staying home, I’ve found myself listening to our Birdie playlists more and more. It’s a great way for me to morph myself into the shop and reflect on the days we connected. I’m one of those that can listen to the same song over and over; it’s often cathartic for me. You may have even heard me talk about “prompting a cry.” This is a secret I learned a long time ago, and I’ll let you in on it…

Whenever I’m feeling particularly emotional or overwhelmed, or it’s my “time of the month”,

I make it a point to take a few moments for myself. I find a space I can be alone (the beach, a walk, my car),

and I throw on my headphones. Next, I choose a song or artist that moves me. Like really moves me.

If I’m walking the beach, I listen to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

There’s something about her voice, the lyrics, and the music set by the ocean, that is so beautiful.

The volume’s up, and before I know it my tears are crashing like the waves.

The interesting thing about this, is that I’m never at all concerned about what passers-by are thinking. I almost feel proud. Proud that I’ve allowed myself to be this vulnerable. And proud that I’ve successfully released my emotions in a productive way. I gave myself a little bit of therapy, and all it took was one song. Four minutes and forty five seconds.

Same goes for the days that I’m just needing a little boost. Creating the playlists for Birdie was so important to me because it set the energy of your experience with us. Yes, it’s another way that we connect with you. You may not know some of the artists, or the songs may not necessarily be what you would listen to outside of Birdie, but somehow each song has become a part of us as a brand. The upbeat and the quirky, the authenticity and emotion, the balance of low and high energy. And there’s never been a better time than now for you to bring a little bit of that into your home…