Y’all, I love any opportunity for a style shoot, but this one was a little more intense than any we’ve ever done for Birdie. A few days before, I spoke with Maggie, CH2 editor and photographer, and we were back and forth, back and forth about – What’s happening? Is this real? What does this mean for our businesses? How are you? How do we react? How creative should we be? I was so relieved to know that she was going through the same hamster wheel in her head that I was. Exhausting days. Sleepless nights. But also thankful for the time? It’s all very confusing…….

It’s so bittersweet being at home, and still sharing the lovely. I’ve been trying to relax into this whole “stay at home” thing, homeschooling and such. Hattie and I are doing well-ish with balancing our new roles, some days are better than others; John’s working like crazy on the back-end to keep us afloat while managing his other small business and full-time consulting career; and Bean’s, well, Bean. All the meme’s in the world are so true about animals during times like these. They really can boost the mood and remind you of what’s truly important, wet sloppy kisses and belly laughs.

I can remember this on most days, but then there are others where I’m walking a tightrope of emotions wondering if Birdie will continue to be sustainable through this. The battle in my mind to keep the important things at the forefront, but the dream is still there. It’s a strange space to be in to feel so proud about the space of connection we’ve been able to create for our community, all the while knowing that we may not be able to share this for months. Sure we can adapt to selling more online and through media, but that’s not what this was for me {or our Team}. Birdie James is about connecting one on one in a lovely, comfortable space. It’s about laughing and crying and sharing; being open to the vulnerabilities that we all have within us. It’s about over the top style and every day looks. It’s a space where you and I go to get away for a few hours and before we know it, our girlfriends, their mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, and grandmothers have joined us.

So on this day, Maggie gave me an incredible gift. The opportunity to reach out and connect with you in a way that I wouldn’t have initiated. To share our family’s space of connection. And since Birdie James is the reason our family connected with you in the first place, we brought a little Birdie style into our home to blend the two. Over the few days of curating and prepping for the shoot, my creativity returned. I felt invigorated and energized. I was ready to tell a story through the lens. To connect with you again. It was as if we were in Birdie. It smelled like Birdie, it looked like Birdie, and we were dressed and moving about as if we were inside the walls of Birdie.

While we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the world, we hope you will let us bring a little bit of Birdie to you. I will do everything I can to transport the authentic Birdie James experience into your home through our Birdie Box. The smells, the styles, the connection. Until next time…