It’s been a tough couple of weeks {to say the least}….

As the news began breaking of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was incredulous about it all. Surely, this couldn’t {and wouldn’t} impact us here on our little Island of paradise. It felt like the media was at the top of its game and their goal was to get us all riled up until the toilet paper shelves were empty. And it was working. It took me a few days to join the masses, but then I had the thought if I don’t join them, there’ll be nothing left if this really does become something. And then the days followed where I scaled back on hours because despite it being our biggest season of the year, women weren’t shopping; they were preparing.

Not even one week later, and all became clear to me. Incredulous no longer, I had made the shift in my mind and it was time to take action in Birdie. Suddenly, it felt irresponsible to not “social distance” ourselves; a challenge in a women’s boutique where our whole schtick is 1:1 and up, close, and personal. But how could we guarantee that we, or our clients, weren’t carriers when so many people are asymptomatic? After a ton of research, we decided to play it safe and close up shop to do our part in getting over the initial hurdle of flattening the curve of the virus. I’ve always joked that I’m a rule follower; and in this circumstance, being one comes with implications for our business.

So we’re actively living within the confines of the “what ifs” and after two short weeks are wondering how long is this going to last? Glued to the news and the latest updates; yet we’re grateful for our health, and choose to take a deep breath, kee